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ChengAo Shen

Ph.D. student

About Me

ChengAo Shen is currently a PhD student at the University of Houston, where he is advised by Professor Jingchao Ni. His research focuses on forecasting and anomaly detection in time series data, including medical sensor signals, traffic data, financial data, and meteorological data. Additionally, he is exploring the application of large language models to address problems related to time series. Prior to his PhD, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Information and Computing Science from Sichuan Agricultural University in 2024, under the supervision of Professor Zhaoli Shen and Houhui Huang. Further details are available in his CV.

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  • Machine Learning
  • Time Series
  • LLMs
  • Ph.D. Computer Science

    University of Houston

  • BSc Information and Computing Science

    Sichuan Agricultural University

📚 My Research

I am currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Houston, with my primary research areas including:

  • Time Series Models: This includes forecasting time series and detecting anomalies in long sequences. My data sources span various fields such as energy, healthcare, transportation, and finance.

  • Large Language Models (LLMs): I have a strong interest in the generative capabilities of LLMs and aim to extend their applications beyond language, achieving unification across more modalities.

  • Machine Learning: Using machine learning algorithms to make more predictions and inferences on complex data.

I hope that my research on time series can help us better predict the future, and by applying new algorithms to different industrial fields, drive the development of various industries.

📄Recent Publications
(2024). Emoji kitchen with controlled fusion. The Second Tiny Papers Track at ICLR 2024.
📰Recent News

🎉 Graduated from Sichuan Agricultural University

The sudden outbreak of the pandemic in 2020 and the delayed college entrance exam caught everyone off guard. As a newly turned adult, I found myself swept along by the tide, ending up in a place I had never imagined: Ya’an, Sichuan - Sichuan Agricultural University.

🚀 A Brand New Personal Homepage!

In the upcoming Fall of 2024, I will be completing my undergraduate studies and beginning my Ph.D. journey. To better present my academic experience and personal information, I have used Hugo to create a new personal homepage (which is the page you are currently viewing)!